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Mr Taro Aso & author

New Japan PM?

In Malaysiakini report , by Athi Veeranggan, it seems that Pakatan Rakyat’s relentless pursuit to take control of the central government from Barisan Nasional could well take the opposition coalition to Istana Negara.

While this latest news will continue to create some anxiety among BN leaders and supporters alike, anything goes in the story of Malaysia Boleh Land (to borrow a term from my good friend Audie Chua Thansk Audie for your encouragment to me to start my own blog.

As Malaysia head for a show down ultimatum by DSAI on Pak Lah on Sept 23 in Parliament (which is unlikely to happen), Japan’s ruling party the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) will be choosing a new leader.

For me, I would place my support (not that I can vote anyway) on the 1978 JCI Japan National President and current LDP Secretary General, Mr. Taro Aso.

I had the pleasure of meeting the fine gentleman in May 2006. That was when as the national president of JCI Malaysia, I was leading the JCI Malaysia delegation to the JCI Asia Pacific Conference in Takatmasu, Japan.

He is a straight forward no hold bar leader. He share with me the importance of unity and discipline.
With the election due two days after his birthday, the polls in Japan shows that he will get his belated birthday present.

Below is extract from the Junior Chamber International web on ;

Who is Taro Aso?

The scion of an illustrious family, Taro Aso was born September 20, 1940, in Iizuka, Fukuoka. Aso’s great-great grandfather, Okubo Toshimichi, a samurai, was one of the five powerful nobles who staged the 1868 uprising that overthrew the centuries-old shogunate tradition and began Japan’s modernization.

Aso’s grandfather, Yoshida Shigeru, was prime minister five times between 1946 and 1954, and crafted Japan’s foreign and domestic policy for much of the Cold War era. Suzuki Zenko, prime minister 1980-82, was his father-in law. Aso’s father, Takakichi Aso, was a successful entrepreneur.

Taro Aso graduated from the Faculty of Politics and Economics at Gakushuin University. He then studied at Stanford University and later at the University of London. He spent two years working for a diamond mining company in Sierra Leone, gaining valuable experience and understanding of developing nations.

Aso joined his father’s company in 1966, and served as president of the Aso Mining Company from 1973 to 1979. He was National President of JCI Japan in 1978.

Taro Aso’s Political career

Aso was elected as a member of the House of Representatives in October 1979, and has since been re-elected eight times. In 1988, he became Parliamentary Vice Minister for Education.

He joined the Cabinet of Junichiro Koizumi in 2003 as Minister of Internal Affairs, Posts and Communications. On October 31, 2005, he became Minister for Foreign Affairs. Aso was one of the final candidates to replace Koizumi as prime minister in 2006, but lost the internal party election to Shinzo Abe by a wide margin.

On September 14, 2007, shortly after Abe announced his resignation, Aso announced his candidacy to replace Abe as Prime Minister. Aso was initially considered to be a leading candidate for the position but was defeated by Yasuo Fukuda on September 23, 2007. Fukuda defeated Aso, receiving 330 votes against 197 votes for Asō.

Later, on August 1, 2008, Fukuda appointed Aso as Secretary-General of the LDP.

The respect senior man of Japan politics are so popular that masks and other souvenirs of him has been sold briskly contributing to the income of the Japanese.

In Malaysia, we have yet to see similar masks or souvenirs of DSAI or Pak Lah being sold by entrepreneurs. Any interested parties?

So come Sept 22, 2008 my mentor will win and come Sept 23, 2008 would Malaysia new hope win also?
As a Malaysian who appreciate the “Look East” policy, I hope that after Japan, Malaysia will follow.


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