Posted by: tathsing | September 27, 2008


I received an email from Junior Chamber International on JCI Japan Past President Elected Japan’s Next Prime Minister announcing Taro Aso, 1978 JCI Japan President and Japan’s former foreign minister, was chosen as president of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) on Monday and elected Japan’s next prime minister on Wednesday, September 24, 2008. He will take over the reins from Yasuo Fukuda.

Aso won 351 of 525 valid votes cast by LDP members of parliament and representatives of local party branches. Economics Minister Kaoru Yosano was a distant second with 66 votes, and former defense minister Yuriko Koike placed third with only 46 votes.

Like my earlier post A NEW JAPAN SEPT 22? MALAYSIA NEXT? Mr. Taro Aso is a fine gentleman. He is a straight forward talking guy. He will tell you things as it is and not what you want to hear.

Now we know that Japan has a new Prime Minister, in Malaysia it is still not clear. While many had said in the western world democracy, Barisan Nasional led by PM Pak Lah still did well in the last GE12, the behaviour of BN seems to be a government under siege. With the mistakes of not heeding the sentiment of the people.

BN actually sowed the seed of discontentment when they increased the price of fuel in the country. That had actually caused the rise in prices of everything with the earning income of the people remaining the same. It is not being help eveytime the people see a chaffeured driven government vehicles while they had to save hard on their fuel consumption.

The rest of the mistakes that BN had done have already been well mentioned in the media and blogosphere. That as resulted in Pakatan Rakyat Alliance led by Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim becoming another better option. Running on the theme of ‘today form government, tomorrow fuel price reduce’ and abolishment of ISA (the draconian Internal Security Act of detention without trail) plus a few other priorities, DSAI has raise the hope of everyone.

Although DSAI has not done his credibility much favour with his everchanging date of a Pakatan government taking over from BN, he has manage to light up the imagination of the people. In short, they wants change and it doesn’t matter when.

Thus BN under UMNO’s command needs to come out with better strategies and policies to win back the heart of the people. As it looks now, no matter how hard the other components in BN try to be outspoken or dynamic, it will still fall down to UMNO.

Thus, the excitement of UMNO politics especially the recent special supreme council meeting generated a lot of interests. Some has asked why does UMNO deserve so much attention in the local media. Well, beside owning a few newspapers and television stations, they are the government right?

The sad thing about the special meeting was that the main agenda was the party’s congress and the transfer of power from PM to DPM. There was no discussion of how you and me can benefit more from the policies and programs of the government. This has lead me to ponder what is happening?

I agree with Ku Li slams postponement as ‘childish game’ probably summed it all up.

Hopefully like my good friend Audie Chua, a past JCI Malaysia national executive vice president has said, maybe a snap poll is coming soon. So who will you vote for?

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