Posted by: tathsing | September 30, 2008


This morning I dropped off my sister and her family at the airport leaving for their Hari Raya Aidilfitri celebrations. Yes, I come from a mix racial and cultural family. I will elaborate on that part later.

Malaysia is a multi-racial country with different races and ethnic groups. It is where people of different beliefs and culture grow up together towards a progressive and just country. With everyone striving for excellence and having live in harmony and peace, it is unfortunate that lately politicians especially those from the ruling government have been playing up to racial sentiments.

Politicians as leaders should remember their part as a role model for others and should play up racial issues for the sake of garnering support for themselves. In this country, we need one another. In this world for that matter, we need one another. We must learn to co-exist and to respect one another without playing up to racial sentiment.

SAPP’s President Datuk Seri Yong Teck Lee probably summed it all up when he said that during his time as a Chief Minister of Sabah, when he visited the late Dato Megat Junid, then Federal Deputy Minister in the muslim fasting month of Ramadan, the late Dato served him coffee with light refeshment. Dato Megat had said, “its ok, I am fastin but you are not. So its ok.”

When after visiting the late Dato, Yong dropped by then Federal deputy minister Dato Ong Ka Ting, ‘s office. Dato Ong then apologise for being unable to serve Yong any drinks or refreshment as a mark of respect for the muslim.

Here is a good example of the two leaders practising the spirit of peace and harmony. How I wish the leaders nowadays irrespective of whatever parties they belong to, can bear this in mind before they open their month.

I take this opportunity to wish my muslim friends SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI DAN MAAF ZAHIR BATIN. Have a nice holidays and be careful on the road.

My thoughts also goes out to those being held under detention without trial. Let us pray that they will be released. Let us pray for their family to be strong at this time.


Tony, Carol & the girls.

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