Posted by: tathsing | October 5, 2008


In today’s Daily Express, The MCA has called on Datuk Raymond Tan Shu Kiah to resign as Deputy Chief Minister (DCM) as his continuity is not in the spirit of Barisan Nasional (BN).

In making the call Saturday, MCA national Vice-President Datuk Donald Lim Siang Chai also proposed that MCA Sabah’s Datuk Edward Khoo be appointed DCM to replace Tan.

He contended that the two biggest political parties in Malaysia (with the most number of members) are MCA and Umno.

“We have built the country over the last 51 years and we have the track record. But of course, in the last couple of years, we have encountered some problems which I think some leaders did not foresee.

“MCA Sabah should be given the DCM post. I hope Datuk Seri Ong Ka Ting will talk to Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister on this issue.

It’s pointless for MCA to come to Sabah for 17 years, from 1991, when until today we are still holding one State seat only.

“What is the point of us coming to Sabah? I am looking at the present political scenario in the wake of SAPP’s departure from BN,” he said. Lim stressed that Umno must recognise the fact that it’s only MCA that has the resources, experience and also manpower to help Sabah.

“If not, I foresee Sabah might fall into the hands of the opposition, knowing Sabahans are capable of making change from their experience.

We really want to help BN. Looking at all the parties, only MCA has the capacity to team up with Umno to overcome all the hurdles.”

At this juncture, he showed reporters copies of news reports quoting former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad as saying in an interview that Umno or MCA cannot survive on their own.

“He is implying that both have to depend on each other to survive at least for the next couple of years until another formula is worked out. So I think this is something relevant to Sabah politics also. Umno in Sabah needs MCA to come in to really help them as we have the resources and know-how.”

Reaffirming his proposal, Lim said Tan should not stay on as Deputy Chief Minister as his continued presence in the State Cabinet is against the Barisan Nasional (BN) spirit where a person without any party post should not hang on to his position in the Government.

“It is a matter of not being in the working spirit between all the component parties in BN. Tan and BN, especially Umno, need to know that the days of ‘divide and rule’ policy has to be over.

“If this system is still used on other component parties, I would think that we are going to face another bigger political tsunami. We may be losing the BN component members’ confidence, especially going by the SAPP issue,” he pointed out.

In this respect, Lim said MCA should find the strongest partner within BN “who can handle the ways and then work together.”

Noting that the opposition Pakatan Rakyat has been gaining ground, he warned that if MCA doesn’t really make change, there will definitely be more problems.

He predicted that whether we like it or not, a two-party system in Malaysia would be very prominent 10 to 12 years down the road, like many other developed countries such as the UK (Labour and Conservative) and USA (Republican and Democrats).

“At this juncture, it’s just the beginning with BN and Pakatan Rakyat. What will happen is beyond the control of any leaders in the country. Things are moving in that direction. The locomotive is moving, nobody can stop it.

You either find ways to jump on the bandwagon or you just slow behind and that’s it.”

Asked whether he is among those MCA leaders mentioned by party Vice-President Datuk Ong Tee Kiat as willing to quit the BN, according to a national daily, he said:

“I do not want to answer this because I have not thought of that yet. But I think if we cannot see any change, this is something that might happen to some of the MCA leaders.”


I wonder why after so long he has never voiced out for Sabah MCA let alone for even issues related to Sabah. I guess the answer is because he is running for the no. 2 post of MCA.

I wonder whether he realise that there are other BN component parties in Sabah that has contributed to BN. Maybe its about time the other component leave Sabah BN and let UMNO and MCA share their expertise in developing Sabah.

How many times do we need so-called experts who even at their best “frequent flyer” to Sabah thinks they know what Sabahan wanted. We have had UMNO leaders who had even called for illegals immigrants be granted permanent residence and this has cause an uproar among the local leaders and community. (As a matter of fact, many were not given PR but actual citizenship and had voted in a few elections. Only real bumiputra can be given PR by the revocation of their citizenship!)

On hindsight I hope Datuk Donald Lim will win the deputy president post of MCA just to see whether he will dare to THREATEN BIG BROTHER UMNO for positions not only in Sabah but the whole of Malaysia. At the same time whether he will call for the dissolution of other component parties as he don’t agree to the divide and rule principle.

Then I can say he is a Leader Who Walks The Talk. If not maybe as a former deputy minister of Tourism, he can finance me and we will set up an ‘ISA style living’ tour package to promote tourism in Malaysia.


  1. Who can threaten big brother my friend. Even in JCI the godfathers say this and that we already SHIVER..BIG FISH MEMANG BIG FISH. Small have to wait until they become big or swallow the smaller ones. U know Malaysia has 6 seasons bah!!!

  2. Donald Lim Directs the CM Of Sabah to change the DCM to MCA YB
    MCA-vice President Donald Lim Directs the CM Of Sabah to change the DCM to MCA YB.
    I wonder on what ground the Vice-President dared to order our Sabah CM to replace DCM Raymond Tan to MCA Edward Khoo. Who is he? If he is so daring why he doesnot dare to ask our PM to appoint the MCA chief to become a DPM? Don’t dare you try to teach Sabahan what to do! Teach your own boss before you teach others!

    Are you not shame your party has only 1 YB in Sabah and you ask the CM to appoint him as a DCM, how about party PBS? The party has more than one YBs.Please keep your month shut, this is Sabah it’s not up to you to shout! Why don’t you shout as tne MB or CM of Johore, Trengganu, Malaka, Pahang and states that rule by BN to appoint your party YBs.

    Don’t think you are thousand miles from KL then dare you shout. Show your braveness in front of PM!

    You want MCA to stand for more seats in Sabah? Dare you ask UMNO in the West Malaysia to give more seats for your party to contest in the coming election. If UMNO refuses I recommend your party leave BN then you can stand for all the 222 parliamentary seats and all the states seats !

    Good luck to you.

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