Posted by: tathsing | November 8, 2008



Say man, I was really very slow today in the news. Being caught up with my work, I only came to know that RPK was released late evening when I browse the news.

It was an extremely good day, I must say. Why? Because nothing is impossibe. Its has been a tough fight for those who had actively and consistently fought for the release of RPK and the others held under Malaysia ISA detention without trail law.


Now that RPK has been released, let us continue to pray for the release of the others held under ISA.



  1. He can be released is because of the stupid work done by the stupid Minister. He used the wrong procedures to arrest RPK under ISA. So there is no chance for us to pray for the other 61.
    We should work out the way to amend the ISA. Personal view, we should keep ISA.

  2. What amendment would you suggest? What are the safeguard that the ISA will not abuse?

  3. May be for them is fun to put citizens in lock up?

    There is no freedom when there is only half freedom-the same to saying we are only given half independent!

    See me”

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