Posted by: tathsing | December 3, 2008

Is all of them from UMNO like that?

A close friend who asked to remain anonymous but I shall call him Huguan Siou, rang me up one evening very worked up. He is one who seldom lose his cool. He was extremely upset with what UMNO Youth Chief aspirant Datuk Mukhriz Tun Mahathir had said about the venacular school.

He wrote to me, “Mukhriz recently suggested to stop vernacular schools for one system for all and deduced that it is the cause of racial polarization. He should look at the political system in BN – Malay party (one) Chinese, indian, KDM party as many as you like. The cause of polarization is not the schools but the party and political divisions are racial in nature. Vernacular and religous schools are there to maintain the heritage, culture and language of the races they belong. These schools teaches respect where one comes from and to develop their faith. If one system is allowed then all religious schools – Islam, Christian schools would be abolished. But then one would too sensitive and sweep everything under the carpet and the said race is the supreme race.”

Datuk Mukhriz had clarified that he did not asked for the venacular schools to be closed down. So we are left with the question of whether his statement was taken out of context and taken for a spin to jeopardise his chances to vie for the UMNO Youth Chief post? Or is he like most politicians who will blame anyone except themselves?

Like any exciting movie, this is only just the beginning, I think………God Bless Malaysia.

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