Posted by: tathsing | March 29, 2009

The Sound of Silence

Happy Belated Birthday to me!

Many friends has asked why I have been so quiet on my blog here. Of course I am quiet especially when the Malaysian government suddenly been hauling “individuals” slectively for sedition charges, etc…etc…..

Hey, before you criticise me for being afraid please understand that i got three beautiful daughters and a sweet wife to fend for, ok.

After a long silence and celebrating my birthday with work and being away from my love ones yesterday, I guess I will just jot a few notes in my blog here.

Malaysia politics is getting more and more exciting with 3 by-elections being held at the same time (guess who arranged it?) and both sides are working hard to win.

The campaigning starts today and the blogspheres will be lively again.

Here let me salute the Barisan Rakyat Bloggers Team and their counterpart for bringing us the real news and not those from the “filtered” ones.

Repeating the Whisperer’s ritual let me sing along with them on this;

“Inilah barisan kita, Yang ikhlas berjuang.
Siap sedia berkorban, Untuk ibu pertiwi!
Sebelum kita berjaya, Jangan harap kami pulang!
Inilah sumpah pendekar kita, Menuju medan bakti!
Andai kata kami gugur semua, Taburlah bunga di atas pusara.
Kami mohon doa, Malaysia berjaya!
Semboyan telah berbunyi, Menuju medan bakti!”



  1. Don’t worry, just write what in your mind & opinion. As long as we don’t create own story to damage others or create any racism issues then should be ok. We still have some free space to voice out our opinion. Also don’t worry, anything happen to you because of what you write I will take care your 3 beautiful daughter. hahahaha…..

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