Posted by: tathsing | May 8, 2010


Every year on this day mothers around the world are honored and celebrated by their love ones and the public alike.

They will also be some who are the forgotten ones not because of their faults or anyone in particular.

Here I would like to write about a very special mother who has sacrificed much to take care of her family.

This special mother is one who is so full of love and care. She is full of great joy whenever she is craddling a baby or even giving a young child a wash.

Her eyes lights up whenever she talks about her children and how she pamper them.

She rises from bed early and is the last to sleep daily. Her tasks and roles are not easy as she has to juggle her role as a father and mother.

So to my sweet Caroline, mother of Tiana, Tasha & Telisha, I wish you a Happy Mother’s Day!

With love from your laukung in KL.

p/s Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers out there too! God Bless you all!


  1. Hi tathsing,

    This is really sweet 🙂

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