Posted by: tathsing | July 10, 2010

Down Memory Lane

JCI Malaysia Secretariat

JCI Malaysia Secretariat

I had the privilege to present the JCIM Election Commission report to the JCI Malaysia National Board of Directors Meeting on behalf of the Chairman Donald Stephens today.

It has been three years since I last set foot in the historical secretariat which is the legacy of the sweat and sacrifices of the past leaders and members of then Jaycees Malaysia.

It really was a far cry from my stint as NSG in 1997 where the secretariat was mainly used as a record keeping premise.

It was refurbished in 2005 as an effort to maximises its usage.

The initiative to refurnished the secretariat was the idea of Donald who then national president and then past treasurer George Ong.

As the national president in 2006, entering the secretariat is a walk down memory lane.

You can really feel the vibrant enthusiastic energy of being a JCI member especially when you realise it is here where the leaders of global citizenship convene and make decisions in leading this wonderful organisation to a greater height.

Volunteering their youthful time in contributing towards nation building in making a 1JCI Malaysia focusing on a 1Malaysia and a 1World.

As I peeped through the door, National President Dennis Tan was seen chairing his meeting in his usual jovial positive caring style.

It was business as usual as the order of the day was moved for JCIM Conference/Congress Commission Chairperson Ngui Ing Ing and me to present our respective report.

It was like old time again and I must thank Donald together with NP Dennis and the board for the privilege to sit in the meeting.

It was a pleasure to meet all the national board officers and renew my fellowship with some of my national board colleagues namely NP Dennis, NIPP Jamie Tiew, SNEVP Joseph Chieng, NGLC Bon Kilos, NT Alex Ang, NEVP Suzanne Gan, Past JCI VP/ PNP Ing Ing.

God Bless JCI Malaysia!

The past, present and future!

The past, present and future!

Ngui Ing Ing presenting her report

Ngui Ing Ing presenting her report

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  1. I remember Donald bring me there too. It seemed so far away from the city at the time. I’m glad it’s in full use now and looks good.

  2. Ahhhh! The long hours and supper at Jln. Alor!!! It may need some painting though. Thanks for reporting on behalf wish I was there with you!

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