Posted by: tathsing | July 17, 2010

Best Friends Forever

<The BBF photo

The BBF photo

One day I notice my daughter wrote BFF in her Facebook. As one who by now is entering into the dinasour age in ICT, I asked her what does it stand for.

Best Friend Forever was her reply.

Ah, that was what came to my mind on a rare breakfast gathering with my secondary school classmates.

In life I realise that the friendship you made during school days are more closer and special compare to friendship made subsequently.

I think it is because during school days where we were together for so many years that our good and bad habits would have been easily identified.

That is the moment when we were the most carefree except during exams time (even some of them this is a cup of tea!).

Yes, when we all get together again its like we never grow old. It just that we have become wiser but still mischevious and childish.

We reminded one another of the many pranks we pulled one one another.

We recalled how we use to party! We remember how we play, learn and grow together.

The best part was we acquired so much skills and tricks that we are ahead of our kids nowadays!

Not bad for the gang who now loses out to their children in Playstation games.

To my best friends forever Amilin, Brenda, Desmond, Grace and Vince thanks for the fun time breakfast.

It was a pleasant surprise to meet Yee Yee and husband whom are now residing in Hong Kong.

To the other BBF who miss this time, hope to see you all in the next get together.

God Bless you all!

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