Posted by: tathsing | September 7, 2010

My Food Experience KL

My condo friend Raymond Chung brought me for a nice meal of fried beef noodle after a trip to Beranang, Semenyih. The restaurant named Soo Kee’s Son (Meng Chuan) Prawn & Beef Fried Noodles is situated at Jalan Imbi.

Apparently it is a second generation owned business which has carved a name for themselves in the local and tourism community.

For me this is my first time there and I have no complain since I was hungry and Raymond was buying (thanks Raymond).

One thought though was, I keep thinking of the 77 year old widow (whom we visited earlier with Raya goodies and cash) who is taking care of her 5 grandchildren in Beranang. We really should count our blessing and be happy with life.

Below is some photo of my meal. The total bill was RM55 inclusive of a chinese tea.

Beef fried flat noodle (kueh teow)

Check out the price

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