Posted by: tathsing | September 13, 2010

Air Asia 100 Millionth Guest

In the early morning, I was excited when I reached the low cost terminal at Kota Kinabalu International Airport for my flight to Kuala Lumpur. The normal feeling of sadness after saying my good bye to my family turn to hope.

Since I had checked in via web for my flight, I went straight to the departure hall.

While clearing the security check, I cringe my neck looking out for a kompang group with some holding the traditional ‘bunga mawar’ inside the hall.

I told myself maybe it inside the gate when I passed through immigration.

I put on my best smile with a good morning greeting to the airline ground staff upon entering the departure hall. Still nothing yet.

Maybe during boarding I told my self.

But then where would they hide the kompang group? Where are the entourage that accompanied a special fanfare occassion?

I kept my spirit up. Waiting patiently for boarding. I am feeling lucky.

Yes, before the first flight out there is no delay so the anoouncement for boarding was made.

As I queue up, still no fanfare. Maybe on the tarmac I thought.

Alas, as you may read on boarded the aircraft and yes I discover I am not the Air Asia 100 million guest.

Sigh! I was hoping for the free 100 tickets.

So here I am drafting this story during the flight using my BlackBerry. (I remember telling a Ms. Kathleen of AA many years ago “you are not suppose to use your handphone during the flight even if you are very senior in the airline!”. Her reply was “its a BB and it allow me to check my email during the flight”.)

So much for my hope being the 100 million guest. Maybe in my next flight on the 15 October 2010.

Or wait….there is still hope. Maybe when I land later………….

Update: landed early and faced the fact that with no special welcoming fanfare I accept the fact that I did not make it as the 100 millionth guest of Air Asia….

Wonder when will 111 millionth be? Hmmmm….


  1. Dear GF Ah Tat sorry to hear that you were not awarded the 100 millionth passenger, will speak to your namesake Fernandez to fix the problem!

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