Posted by: tathsing | December 10, 2010

A Time For Reflection

For the past few weeks I have been reminiscing of my childhood days. It does bring back fond memories of growing up moment.

I can recall being the spoiltbrat of the family among 6 siblings. I recall listening to the turnable then and radio comes in a box. Actually there was a recording which came with oversize magnetic tap (a bit like a bigger cassette tapes).

My first view of a television was standing on the sidewalk through the grill of a electronic shop in Gaya Street. The owner of the shop would come and switch on the tv at 7pm and return to switch it off at 9.30pm. That was his style of marketing.

I remember meatball soup was RM1 which mum use to buy at the stalls in front of where the high court is today and that soup would last for lunch and dinner!

Movies were a treat and on special occassion such as Easter or the King’s birthday we would get free movie tickets.

Even eating chicken meat would be on festive season such as Chinese New Year.

I watch the parade that goes around the town during the Governor’s birthday and Malaysia day celebrations.

I recall small planes (presumely courtesy of the Sabah Flyinh Club or Sabah Air) would fly by the town dropping leaflets and a sort of ticker tapes making those occassion more memorable.

We use to see eagles at the end of Kota Kinabalu town which is Tanjung Lipat. Yesn there was’nt even a coastal road then.

The current Millimewa store was the central market and the whole of Segama Commercial ships were the sea.

Everything that time looks tall and big. We stay on the third floor of a shoplot along Beach Street in the middle of town. And we did even have to lock our front doors!

The neighbours knew each other and weekend would be a mahjong session among the adults with our playground being the rooftop where we play our usual game of ‘play catch’, police and thief, marbles and others.

My mum used to plant some vegetables using wooden crates or boxes on the rooftop.

Life were more simple then. It was so carefree. Its was a time of no worries. Its sure was fun and its these memories which I hope to share with my grandchildren and generations to come.

More to come……..

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