Posted by: tathsing | June 6, 2011


Every end of May and beginning of June, it’s a time of festivities for Sabah and Sarawak.

Dubbed the Pesta Kaamatan and Pesta Gawai for Sabah and Sarawak respectively, it is where the natives indigenous groups celebrated the bountiful harvest from the soil that they have toiled.

During this time, the traditional drink of “tapai” (in Kadazan-dusun) and “tuak” (in Iban) that is the rice wine are consumed amidst the merry making celebrations.

It is also the time where they give thanks to the Almighty for the blessing bestowed upon them. I cannot share much on the Pesta Gawai but for Kaamatan, it was a full month of celebrations which actually kicked off on the 1st of May with the finale on the 31st May held the Hongkod Koisaan i.e. the Kadazan-Dusun Cultural Centre or popularly in it’s abbreviation KDCA.

There was traditional games contest, singing and dancing on top of the important beauty pageant Unduk Ngadau which is to honor the daughter of ‘Kinoingan’ (their god) who was sacrificed to give the bountiful harvest of rice.

As I sat in one of the stall (there were many) which serve meal and drinks, I reflect upon myself as I celebrate this happy occasion, did I really give thanks to God?

I realized I was there instead for the fellowship and the cool beer!

So how? I guess that is why this posting is titled Thanksgiving and it is sort of like a atonement by me. At least for the record I would like to give thanks to God for all the goodness and blessing showered upon me and my family.

Care to join me? One more set please……..

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