Posted by: tathsing | December 10, 2012

Adding Your Points!

While joining the queue at the payment counter at a department store, the lady in front of me gave her membership card to the cashier. As her purchase were being processed another customer (at another cashier machine, there were two cashiers at the payment counter) coolly took her card and exclaimed “may I have your membership card for a while?”

The lady in front of me asked, “why do you want my card for?” showing a extremely fierce and not so happy face!

However, her irritation quickly turn into a cool and soft “thank you” when she was told by the second lady, “I am giving you more loyalty points for my purchase”.

What the first lady did not realised was that actually, the second lady used her membership card to get a further discount on her purchases!

This simple incident highlight the essence of communication. We do not have to tell the full truth but sometimes only the half truth. We do not say what we like to hear but we say what the other party like to hear.

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