About tathsing…………..

This blog is by Tony Hsing who has been active in non-governmental organizations for more than 25 years.

Among the various organizations are the Sabah Tourist Guides Association, Federation of Chinese Associations Sabah Youth Wing, Federation of Chinese Associations Malaysia, Malaysia Retail-Chains Association and the Junior Chamber International movement in various positions.

Evolving as youth leader, he is still active today in youth movement and development firmly believing in Empowering the Youth as a Catalyst for Transformation.

He is one of the many silent majority who enjoy reading but not writing until convinced by his old friend Athanasius Audie Chua Thamby ……….so this is changing……..where he hopes to blog more often speaking without fear or favor on everything……….or anything…..



  1. Well done Tony. That bridge will be the start of everything for your children and their future. Have known you for nearly 20 years and have enjoyed your company everytime. Let your smile and work here be a fulfilling one and try on all accounts to be FAIR and not bias to one side. Remeber no one is a “FOOL” Cheers my mate.

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